Changing Our Attitude

When we consistently think negative thoughts it affects our attitude and view of our world around us.  Conversely, when we think positive thoughts and entertain positive people with positive energy our view of  the world around us is effectively changed.  Which will you choose today?    Remember, when we change our attitude we inevitably change our attitude.  Soaring higher and higher is our ultimate goal.

Keep your eye on the prize, your labor is not in vain.

Let’s Get Inspired!

We were all created to be creative vessels just like our Heavenly Father who created us. Yet we spent an inordinate amount of time REACTING to things that constantly take our attention and passion from what we really should be focused on CREATING.  Here is a little exercise that might inspire us all to remember… just move the “C” in the middle of the word “Reacting” to the beginning of that word and you will change the word entirely to the word “Creating.”  If we all would use our creative gifts more than our reactive resources, this would truly be a “Wonderful World!”